Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Painting & Finishing Military Figures with Rob Henden

Manufacturer: Compendium Films
Item Code (ISBN Number): 978-1905573-69-1
Media: DVD (seems to be an All Zones DVD)
Presenter/Author: Rob Henden
Review Publication Date: July 8th 2008

This was the first DVD (and indeed piece of reference material) I have had to review, and probably one of the most difficult reviews I have had to write. It's not that the product is poor - in fact far from it. Despite the fact that it was not quite what I expected (no, I had no idea who Rob Henden was prior to the review), or the poor editing, the DVD is actually quite good. But... it should have been titled "Airbrushing figures with Rob Henden" or something like that...