Monday, 23 June 2008

Sertorian Legionary: Groundwork done

Well, this really is rather embarrasing. Yes, I really am still busy with this figure...

Actually, in a previous post I jokingly commented on making monthly updates to this thread. Quite unintentionally that was a month ago. Anyways, here's the progress over the last month or so...

I'm pretty much done with the groundwork. I'm not really too happy with the grass, as I think it needs more highlights and shadows. But... the missus took a look and gave me the "hands of the groundwork now!" command. If she's happy with it then best safer not to argue.

It's really just the sleeves of the tunic that have been finished off. Again, not crazy about them, but... The cloak has been BC'ed with VC822, and then had a wash with Citadel Black Ink. Oh, and I discovered how much I really hate the Citadel pots: when I bumped the black ink pot over on my workbench! Anyway, no use crying over spilt paint.

I'm going to have to get a move on with this figure - I really don't have much time left...

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

German SS Unit Insignia: Badges GSS-001 - GSS-019

Manufacturer: The Regimental S-4
Item Code: Badges GSS-001 - GSS-019
Scale: N/A
Material: Resin
Sculptor: Nick Majerus
Review Publication Date: June 17th 2008

Have you ever completed a figure, vehicle or diorama depicting an action of a particular SS division and wanted to add just that little something extra to make your base stand out from the rest? How about wanting to add the divisional insignia to your base to clearly define your model’s represented unit? Generally speaking the only quick option has been to print it out and paste it to the base. And we all know how inks fade and paper yellows over time.

The Regimental S-4 has just the solution for you then. The Regimental S-4, a model figure company owned and operated by sculptor Nick Majerus, although specialising in mostly US subjects have a very unique line of products entitled “Badges”. And they are exactly that: badges. Cast in resin the series currently comprises of “U.S. Army Unit Insignia”, “German SS Unit Insignia”, “German Luftwaffe Insignia”, “U.S. Military Awards” and “WWII Desert War Unit Insignia”.
The subject of this review is the nineteen “German SS Unit Insignia” currently available, items GSS-001 through GSS-019.