Monday, 29 December 2008

Garamante Warrior Sec. I A.C.

Manufacturer: La Meridiana Miniatures
Item Code: AN54-21
Scale: 54mm
Material: White Metal 
Sculptor: Pongsatorn Kanthaboon
Review Publication Date: December 29th 2008

AN54-21 – “Garamante Warrior sec I AC” is a 54mm white metal figure from La Meridiana Miniatures’ “Rome’s Enemies” range of figures. Sculpted by historical miniature sculptorPongsatorn Kanthaboon, the box-art is painted by Italian box-art painter Danilo Cartacci.

Seemingly based on the Plate A Illustration 3 of Osprey Publishing’s “Rome’s Enemies (5): The Desert Frontier” , this figure is almost exclusively based upon a comparison of written sources with later traditional costume. He has the litham face-covering worn by many Saharan tribesmen and the skin cloak associated with the most remote tribes. His spear was made in the Sudan, and he is otherwise armed with a sling. The huge leather shield would later be known as a lamt.

While Romanesque subjects certainly are not uncommon, models representing the enemies of Rome’s desert frontier certainly are. In fact, I do not recall there being any other scale figures representing the Garamante. Despite an annoying casting seam, the casting of the figure is generally very good and captures the sculptor’s art very well. Overall, La Meridiana and Pongsatorn Kanthaboon have put a very neat and very unique figure out to the market.