Thursday, 1 October 2009

Alpine's German Heer Panzer Crew Set (Review)

Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures
Item Code: 35084, 35085, 35086
Medium: Resin
Review Publication Date: September 30th 2009

Amongst the most coveted of non-issue Luftwaffe flight suits was the home-produced black leather suit with distinctive zip-fastened slash pockets. With the occupation of conquered nations countless alternatives were readily available from civilian outlets wherever the pilot, and thus Panzer officer and crewman, was stationed and differences in cut, fastenings and pockets were prolific.

35086 – “German Heer Panzer Crew Set” is a set of two 1/35th scale resin figures sculpted by Krisztian Bodi. The two Heer Panzer crew members are portrayed in fairly relaxed stances: the commissioned officer wearing a leather aviator’s suit with hands behind his back; while the other indicates direction with a raised, directing right hand. Released during June 2009, the box-art is painted by Man-Jin Kim, his second such commission for Alpine Miniatures.

Both figures are also available individually as figures 35084 German Heer Panzer Crew #1 and 35085 German Heer Panzer Crew #2.

While some may find these figures rather limiting, I actually find them quite versatile. 35084 German Heer Panzer Crew #1 certainly need not only depict a Heer tanker, but a Waffen-SS tanker who were renowned for their use of leather gear, or even an aviator –he does after all wear a Luftwaffe flight-suit.

As we have come to expect from Alpine, the casting and sculpting is superb, with only a negligible amount of flash on one figure.

This is another exceptional couple of figures from Kristian Bodi and Alpine Miniatures. The quality of the cast and the versatility of the subject should prove to be very popular. Recommended.

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