Sunday, 22 March 2009

German DAK Panzer Officer

Manufacturer: Neograde Military
Item Code: FG-0001
Medium: Resin
Sculptor: Man-jin Kim
Box Artist: Man-jin Kim
Review Publication Date: March 22nd 2009
Reacting to the petitions of his Italian allies, time after time routed by far smaller British forces in North Africa, Hitler deployed a Wehrmacht expeditionary corps, which landed at Tripoli in February 1941. As the German army’s experience of tropical campaigning was restricted to minor colonial operations long before, responsibility for designing a new uniform was given to the Hamburg Tropical Institute. Under pressure of time, the Institute allegedly chose to take the British army in India as its model; but if so, the wrong lessons were drawn. The uniform worn by the Afrika Korps in their early battles consisted of a cotton tunic, cut somewhat too snugly for comfort; and half-breeches resembling jodhpurs. This outfit was quickly modified in the light of desert experience, and more loose-fitting and practical alternatives were found.
FG-0001 – “German DAK Panzer Officer” is a 1/35th scale resin figure sculpted by Korean sculptor Man-jin Kim. The Afrikakorps (DAK) Panzer Officer, wearing the early tropical clothing, is portrayed in comfortable stance perhaps deploying troops. Only Neograde Military’s second 1/35 scale figure and released during January 2009, the box-art is painted by the sculptor, proving he has mastered both disciplines.
While no doubt some may find the pose featured in this figure set inanimate, I must admit to being rather fond of such poses. I find such figures rather versatile whether part of a diorama, vignette or on their own. The casting and sculpting is magnificent, with only a barely noticeable amount of flash on the figure. For the painter, given the number of variations in the tone of the tropical uniforms materials, there are a number of interesting ways in which these figures can be presented. Furthermore, given that Panzer troops were issued with the same uniforms as infantry, and by simply removing the Tank Assault badge this set need not only be portrayed as the former. This is the first figure I have had the opportunity to review from Neograde Military, and I must admit to being suitably impressed by it. I for one certainly look forward to Neograde Military and Man-jin Kim’s future releases. Recommended.
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