Monday, 18 January 2010

First review for 2010: Alpine's WW2 US Army Officer Set Set

Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures
Item Code: 35093, 35094, 35095
Medium: Resin
Review Publication Date: January 15th 2010

Although much of the everyday uniform of US tankers was identical to that elsewhere in the US Army, they received a variety of specialised clothing, some of which was intended for general issue, due to the nature of their work. Once committed to combat in 1944, tankers ended up with various items of clothing, some as substitutes, some due to personal preference, and could be seen wearing jackets or other items worn by infantry, just as infantrymen could be seen wearing items of tanker clothing. Alpine Miniatures’ 35095 “WW2 US Army Officer Set” is an excellent example of US Army soldiers wearing an eclectic mixture of cold weather gear.
35095 – “WW2 US Army Officer Set” is set of two 1/35th scale resin figures sculpted by Krisztian Bodi. The two US Army Officers are portrayed wearing an assortment of winter-wear: the one stands somewhat relaxed with legs crossed having a cigarette break; while the other communicates using a hand-held radio transceiver. Released during November 2009 the box-art is painted by Marcin Skfzypek, his first for Alpine Miniatures.
Both figures are also available individually as figures 35093 WW2 US Army Officer #1 and 35094 WW2 US Army Officer #2.
The sculpting is Krisztian Bodi at his best and predictably Alpine Miniatures’ casting is outstanding: this is another exceptional couple of figures from Krisztian Bodi and Alpine Miniatures. The quality of the cast and recent resurgence in WWII Allied subjects should make this set very popular. Recommended.

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