Monday, 28 September 2009

Getting there...

We're getting there... Almost back on track and where we were... Almost. That is to say we (Her Ladyship and I) are almost back to where we were before we packed up and left South Africa: we have the jobs; have the house; have the house almost furnished to our satisfaction. Still no car, but roll on the end of year sales!

The house is almost fully furnished, which isn't bad going considered we only moved in about 4 weeks ago. Four weeks ago; 4 weekends ago; 4 weekends spent visiting IKEA and furniture stores; 4 weekends of either looking at and/or assembling IKEA furniture. Does that count as 1:1 diorama accessory making?

Notably, well to me at least and in the interest of model making readers of this Blog, my workshop is not sorted yet. I use the term workshop loosely as it's really just a section across the rear of the garage - thankfully beneath the window. Now anyone that has had the relative liberty to set up their own workshop knows that creating a workshop is not an easy task. There's so much to consider - particularly when you're setting up in a working/living/used garage. How best to position the desk and maximise limited space; how to restict dust; where to position the future spray booth (that right kiddly-winks, we're planning a spray booth!); where to place the photo light tent; how to store supplies yet keep them accessible; how how how what what what where where where.... oooh my poor head! At least I've got a store for the unbuilt kits - I'm using a wardrobe we bought about a year ago when in the flat to store unbuilt kits. At the moment I reckon if I have so many that the wardrobe overflows... I've probably got too many. For the record there's still space in the wardrobe.

I've also started playing around with the DSLR (did I mention I'd bought a Canon EOS 450D DSLR a few months ago? My birthday, anniversary, Christmas present for the next decade). I've bravely left the relative safety of the auto shot, and moved onto a setting called 'P'. I have no idea what the setting is, as I haven't progressed that far in the 'Canon EOS 450D for Dummies' book my wife gave me for my birthday. Anyway, on this setting I've been shooting on RAW and jpeg, which is great since I can adjust the exposure on the RAW image - something I always struggle with. Here's a successful shot (I wonder if anyone can guess what kit these belong to?):

So with all that said, hopefully (h-o-p-e-f-u-l-l-y) I'll be up and running modelling-wize and churning out those reviews like never before really soon!

But first, I'm off to Tasmania for a fortnight on Saturday the 3rd of October for our first Australian holiday. Wish me luck - we're taking the visiting in-laws!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

And then some...

While I'm sure regular readers of this Blog are used to my somewhat infrequent updates, I thought I had better give everyone a brief (since when are my updates and comments ever "brief"? LOL!) update on what's been going on in my life distracting me from the cause.

As I mentioned previously the boss and I have recently bought our first house in Australia. And so, after an extended settlement period, the end of August saw us vacate the flat and trek out to the new house. Of course there is more to a household move than just "moving day" (MD): there are the weeks prior to MD packing up stuff, and then the weeks post MD cleaning the place (let's face it: people seldom clean a place they're leaving to the satisfaction of the new owners/tenants) and unpacking. We're sort of mid-way through the cleaning and unpacking phase. But wait, there's more! More dull stuff that is! When we left South Africa we flogged off our white goods and lounge suite, so whole weekends have been spent looking for the best deals on these as well as a bed for the guest bedroom (the outlaws arrive at the end of the month and apparently they can't sleep on the floor). So as you can see from this brief paragraph (I'll spare you the "exciting" details), there has been virtually zero time for modelling - in fact, I have yet to find my second photography lamp (but I did make unpacking all the models a priority!).

So that said, I've a couple of forthcoming reviews which I'll publish as soon as I find that darn lamp. These include:
  • The recent Alpine Panzer Crew (the set by Kristian Bodi featuring a figure wearing a leather flight suit);
  • An Ademola22 Landskneght bust;
  • And a few more 1/35 scale figures in both plastic and resin.

Hopefully I'll get the first 2 mentioned above done before the in-laws arrive. The month of their visit will be a write-off in terms of modelling and then some. Once I'm back though, the plan is also for me to start working on a few reviews exclusively for my own site (RRSM). So watch this space!

Tally ho!