Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Alpine's Panzer Crew Heads & Hands (Review)

Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures
Item Code: H001
Medium: Resin
Review Publication Date: April 5th 2010

H001 – “Panzer Crew Heads and Hands”, consisting of four heads and four hands, is the first set in a new accessories product line by Alpine Miniatures. The four heads, all previously released in Alpine figure sets, wear a selection of German Army tank crew headgear. The headgear includes the early Panzer beret as well as the three more common types of headgear worn by armour vehicle crews. Accessory set H001 was released during November 2009.
As I mentioned when reviewing Alpine Miniatures’ H002 “US Tanker Heads and Hands”, while these sets are terrific for those modellers not in possession of the previously released figures, those who have the original figure sets may seek new, previously unreleased heads. That said, the heads selected for this set are all from relatively early figures from the Alpine Miniatures catalogue, and many newer modellers may not own these figures (or may have long since used them).
The sculpting is Taesung Harmms at his best and predictably Alpine Miniatures’ casting is outstanding. It is nice to see a head set which offers modellers one of every significant form of headgear worn by German Army tankers, and as mentioned above these can easily be modified for other branches of service. Naturally the hands are generic enough to be used with virtually any true 1/35 scale figure. Recommended.

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