Wednesday, 29 February 2012


... it is I: Le Cler. Nah, it's only me - that other bloke who used to do some modelling stuff.

Wow, it's been a while. Sepetember 2010 was my last post. And I think I've probably done about one scale miniature review since then.

So... things have changed. Real life has taken over. Spending time with The Daughter and The Missus is the priority. Then work: I've had a few new projects, new customer with exciting (mostly) proof of concept projects. And of course fencing! I'm loving it! I started competing in our club competitions and then even took part in 2 state novice comps. Okay, my performance was dismal, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless!

Frankly, I don't see this year being any different. So where does that leave scale modelling, this blog and FigureOneThreeFive? Sadly, pretty much bottom of the pile.

There were a few events (mostly attitudes) in the scale modelling global community that really dissappointed me, and aided my withdrawal - to the point I seldom post anymore (although I do still visit about 3 sites daily). Scale modelling, and such posts on this blog, will become more occassional. Perhaps more observational - I still have an opinion, and since this is my soapbox... ;)

FigureOneThreeFive? I've decided to close it. I no longer have the time or compulsion (?) to trawl the web for related news. planetFigure and TimeLinesForum are great places for figure news, with terrific communities supporting them. Historicus Forma is really quiet, but Mario, Engin and the boys are still a great source for news. Armorama - well, they mostly repost HF news anyway, or "new to you" not so new stuff, but it's worth a visit if you can ignore the silly news tag lines and editorialised style of news (how about just telling us what the product is and when it'll be available? Just the key points please).

So, this blog... this blog is evolving (devolving?) again. I'll probably use this blog to post more personal stuff, like my fencing "exploits", and other real life stuff. More like a diary. Sorry, but if you are only interested in my scale modelling related posts, you're going to have to ignore most posts from now on, or unsubscribe. I won't take offence, so thanks and see you in web-o-sphere.

For those with voyeur tendancies who are interested in what goes on in my mind and life, stay tuned. Hopefully it won't be 18 months until my next post! :-D

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