Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Training diary 13/03/12

Urgh, bad day on the piste. Mind you, a bad day on the piste is still better than a bad day anywhere else :)

Not much of a turn out at the club tonight, maybe 7 or 8 of us (excluding the 2 coaches and 3 under 11's). I only managed 4 bouts. 4 Defeats; zero victories.

G-Man: D+-8 - 15. My PM nemesis :-D I seemed to be off-target most of the time in this opening bout. Too many missed parries, and "overshooting" the target. I think I may also have been rushing my attacks.

Stretch: D+-4 - 10. Again that reach. Again those flesches. How does one beat a tall pommeller with a long reach? How does one beat his flesche? I've worked out that if I could keep in close it prevents him from flescheing, and forces him to shorten his reach. But... it's a bloody painful lesson!

T-Man: D9 - 10. Getting better. I varied my distance in this bout, sometimes keeping it, other times keep it (too) short. It seemed to throw him off. I also refused him my blade. In chatting to him later he voiced his (minor) frustration at not been offered the blade - afterall, one cannot beat-attack if there's nothing to beat ;-) Similarly he noted that I presented no opportunity for him to attempt a foot shot (although he did one). That's good news to me, as it means I'm advancing my arm/blade before my foot (and no, I scored no foot shot points tonight - I think I may becoming too predictable in that regard so I'm trying to hold those back).

G-Man (again): D11 - 15. Better. G-Man had a lesson with ADB so was probably a bit tired. This was a much slower, controlled bout. Clearly we were both thinking our moves through. ADB commented on it later as well. I scored quite a few points off his arm, which means that my accuracy had improved since the first bout. I also kept distance (generally). My disengages weren't too successful, nor my taking of the blade and parries. Clearly we need more work before 1 April. Must remember to ask ADB if we can work on those parries again on Thursday.

On a personal note, the outlaws arrived last week Friday for a 6/7 week "vacation" at our place. I suppose it's been nice having someone else around to entertain The Daughter and The Wife, but still...  

Tally Ho!

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